About Me

Hello, my name is Ayden Salazar and I am a detail-oriented AI Engineer & Data Scientist with a proven track record in delivering impactful Data & AI solutions that drive successful business outcomes. I am well-versed in all phases of the Data & AI lifecycle, with a strong working knowledge of foundation models, large language models, and natural language processing. I am proficient in translating business requirements into data-driven applications.

I received my B.A. in Data Science at UC Berkeley in 2022 and currently work as an AI Engineer for IBM in San Francisco.

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I love meeting new people! Feel free to reach out for anything whatsoever at asalazar24@berkeley.edu

Noteworthy Projects

Python Generative AI Video Creator for Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel

Predicting Summary Statistics For Mosquito Gene Drive Using Deep Learning

Research Paper

Particle Swarm Optimization for Mosquito Trap Placement

Mosquito Trap Placement

Predicting Number of Solar Panels For U.S Counties

USA Interactive Map

Online Interactive Berkeley Crime Heat Map

Crime Heat Map

Build-Your-Own COVID-19 SEIRD Epidemic Model


Baseball Pitch Type Prediction


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